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This section contains miscellaneous documents which relate to the Parish Council but which don't readily fit into any particular category. For instance, below you will find documents which relate to dicussions on the Audlem Conservation Area Character Appraisal. They include:

1 A letter from the Conservation Officer at Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council Planning Office, dated September 2007;

2 A Character Appraisal Report dated March 1998;

3 The response from Audlem Parish Council to this report;

4 A list of "Buildings of Local Interest".

The Dog Bins Map shows the location of dog bins within the village. If you feel there are bins needed in other locations please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council at: parishcouncil@audlem.org.

If residents have problems with trees etc that impact roads and/or pavements, they can log these issues with Cheshire East Highways on their website. The highways department will investigate and ensure that action is taken, either by carrying out the work themselves (and charging the responsible party if appropriate) or notifying the landowner of their responsibilities. Below is the web address of the reporting page on the Cheshire East website, it uses an interactive map for locating the problem so now you no longer need an exact address, which used to be tricky on country lanes. Also from this page, you can report other issues with highways such as problems with signs and drainage as well as faults with street lighting and potholes.


Bob Cartwright
20180609 Asset Register 09-06-2018 FINAL
PDF file - added Wednesday 13th Jun
Annual Return Section1
Image file - added Thursday 6th Jul
Annual Return Section2
Image file - added Thursday 6th Jul
Bob Cartwright
Audlem (Woore Road) Conservation Area
PDF file - added Thursday 2nd Jul
Character Appraisal Report (1998)
PDF file - added Monday 2nd Feb
Bob Cartwright
Cheshire Local Access Forum
PDF file - added Wednesday 19th Aug
Cllr Jones NP Front Runners Letter 04-08-14
PDF file - added Tuesday 5th Aug
Bob Cartwright
Communications Policy 2016
PDF file - added Friday 12th Feb
Bob Cartwright
Conservation Area Management Strategy
PDF file - added Saturday 1st Dec
Bob Cartwright
Coxbank Conservation Area Report
PDF file - added Thursday 2nd Jul
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